Typedrawer Media was started in 2016, to make fun, interactive story podcasts for kids. We know, that is a very specific purpose! But it's also a very specific need. Typedrawer was founded by me, Jonathan Messinger. I'm an author and a publisher, and I founded the small but relatively successful (maybe?) publishing house Featherproof Books in 2005. About three years ago, when driving with my family to Cleveland, my librarian wife and I discovered that our eldest son had picked up a (healthy) addiction to audiobooks. Basically, it was the BFG's fault.

So if you combine our family's love of literature, my son's passion for audiobooks and a budding familial obsession with podcasts, you get this, Typedrawer a company that makes story podcasts for kids. Most of the really great kids podcasts are about science (Hey there, Brains on!). And not to knock the hard work of anyone, but we found that there weren't too many storytelling podcasts for kids that the whole family could enjoy together. So that's how Typedrawer got its start, with the launch of The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian. In the Fall we have another show lined up, a choose-your-own-adventure tale called Around the Mountain, Across the River, Quickly Now Through the Fiery Pit and Just Behind the Troll with the Sore Toe: A Journey Home. And we're lining up more shows through the winter and spring.